Colour Enhance your confidence, your life, professional and personal.

True Colour

Hair colour isn’t just about picking a shade and slapping it on the hair. It is about creating individual colour for your skin tone, bone structure, eye colour, hair density and type, hairline, lifestyle and personality. Each new appointment for all my clients is a time to evaluate and touch base, just as it was at the first appointment. My colour is designed to evolve with you, because I work as a team member with each client to create the best results. As a colour expert, it is my job to make your skin look as fantastic as possible. What most stylists don’t seem to understand is that hair colour is first and foremost all about the skin and face. Incorrectly coloured hair can:

  • Make you look sallow or ruddy
  • Enhance under eye circles
  • Enhance upper lip facial hair (yes women, you too!)
  • Make you look older
  • Make you look tired
  • Make your skin look dull
  • Minimize your natural eye colour
  • Create a harsh grow-out on fine hair, enhancing your scalp
  • Frame your face at the hairline in the wrong way


Why Goldwell?

I have been a Goldwell colourist since 1995. I have had the chance to experiment with quite a few other brands, and while every brand has it’s strong points and it’s followers, to me, Goldwell perfectly embodies the precise, thorough German esthetic. It is, quite simply, the best professional hair colour on the market.

New Blonde is a revolution in extending your highlights. For those of us that want fabulous blonde hair, instead of costly highlights every 6-8 weeks, New Blonde is a 5-minute treatment formulated to slightly lighten untreated re-growth. This means that your already lightened hair stays the same, but that pesky darker re-growth is lightened using a patented neutral lightener that looks totally natural. No brassiness! I love this product and recommend it to nearly all of my blonde highlight clients.
TOPCHIC guarantees intense colors full of brilliance in all dimensions

  • 100% GREY COVERAGE – Improved performance for complete variety: from classic N shades, cool NA shades, intense NN shades to premixed TriFlective Naturals. All guaranteed by the new Dye Penetration- and Reflects³ System.
  • ULTIMATE DURABILITY – First cool assortment on the professional hair color market staying cool over time – guaranteed by the break-through CoolProtect Technology.
  • EXCELLENT EVENNESS – For beautiful, even color results from regrowth to ends. Guaranteed by the Equalizer System 2.0.
  • OPTIMUM GENTLENESS – 100% performance with no compromise on gentleness – guaranteed by patented Coenzyme Technology & new creamy-smooth lotion with IntraLipid.


Ammonia-Free Colouring Options

First of all, let me start by telling you that the ONLY permanent Økologisk/Organic hair color in the whole wide world is henna. As in, red henna directly from the plant. I have noticed many salons here in Denmark claiming that Elumen is Økologisk. It is NOT. It simply works physically as opposed to chemically, but it is far from organic.

Technology has made leaps and bounds in the last 15 years, and different methods of delivering hair colour to the cortex of the hair have increased dramatically. But please keep in mind that we are still dealing with chemicals, even if they arrive at the same destination by taking a slightly different path.


Elumen, by Goldwell, is the first high performance, oxidant-free hair color. Elumen works exclusively with pure direct dyes, which are penetrated deep into the hair and anchored by a kind of magnetic attraction the positively charged hair draws in the negative charge of Elumen hair color dyes. It works with no Peroxide or Ammonia, so there is no need for mixing. This is why Elumen is longer lasting than most conventional hair colors yet causes no damage to the hair.

Elumen is available in Clear, as well as an endless range of natural looking very light to very dark shades. It make fine hair feel thicker, gives curly hair more structure, and makes coarse, big hair feel more sleek and shiny. This stuff is a miracle!!


Nectaya was developed in over 6 years of extensive research driven by our absolute dedication to color perfection. The result: 7 patents pending – and a unique combination of technologies that nurtures the hair for a noticeably healthier hair feeling.

  • Ammonia-free
  • Uncompromising performance of a permanent color
    • Up to 100% grey coverage and up to 3 levels of lift
  • The first ever permanent hair color with patented IntraLipid™: to replenish lost lipids inside the hair
  • Up to 91 % ingredients of natural origin
  • Enriched with deep conditioning Argan Oil
  • Cosmetic cream consistency with a 100 % natural fragrance


All prices are from, and are established on consultation.
All consultations are free and encouraged!
We take clients that are from 12 years old.
All services include an appropriate conditioning treatment and blow dry.

  • Single process colour – from 875kr
  • Single process re-growth – from 620kr
  • Foil highlighting including glaze – from 850kr
  • Colour enhancing glaze – from 620kr
  • Elumen colour – from 850kr
  • 5-Minute Blonde or 5-Minute Rapid Blonde Tone refresh – from 320kr
  • Bleach and Tone – from 1250kr
  • Bleach and Tone re-growth – from 1050kr
  • Balayage – from 320kr
  • Colour correcting of any type – fees upon consultation
  • Condition: Add-on Deep treatment to colour – from 125kr