About Colour and cutting

eh400x400Elisa Huffman

I come from a long line of artists and designers, and have always been drawn to the creative. I started cutting my girlfriends’ hair when I was 14, and on occasion it actually looked pretty decent! In 1995 I decided to stop caring what other people thought about what I did for a living, and became a hairdresser. I have never been happier or more fulfilled. George Clooney once said that you know you’re in the right job if you would do it for free. He’s right.

I have been a colourist, cutter and makeup artist for 18 years. When I explain what I do for a living, I usually say that I have the equivalent of a Ph.D in hair colour. To call me a Colour Nerd would be an understatement. I love thinking about colour theory…. the differences between a violet black and a blue black, or the effects of green on red. I can look at a Vermeer painting for hours and study the use of colour, light and shadow. Or Rembrandt, who was a master at studying skin tone, especially in the face. Anything that has to do with the face or hair, I tend to find fascinating.

In my free time I am an avid novice photographer. I also dabble in interior design when time permits. And jewelry.

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